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Our commitment to clients, our staff and ourselves
2021 season

Le Domaine Saint Jean has always followed strict hygiene rules and this year we will be adding new

Here is a list of some FAQs

When will you be opening:

We hope to be able to open by mid April 2021.

What will change this year ?

We will follow guidelines for our profession regarding hygiene and safety measures which we put in place in 2020 and our biggest change improving the offer self-catering private kitchens to most units.

Cleaning products:

Coronavirus efficient antiviral cleaning products


Our staff and Eric and I will wear masks when we are in contact with guests, during all cleaning procedures and meal preparation. Outside and well distanced masks won’t be necessary. We will be asking guests to bring their own masks for when necessary.


Gloves will be worn by ourselves and our staff for cleaning and food contact.

Hydroalcoolique gel:

There will be a supply of gel in each room but we do insist that hand washing with soap is a priority.


We are maintaining good, varied breakfasts using local fruits and produce.You’ll be able to order your breakfast the evening before and come and collect your tray to sit at your own private terrace or at a table under the new pergola outside. Local cheeses, homemade jams and the usual croissants and fresh breads...

Evening meals:

Our traditional communal seated table d’hôte as we know it, won’t be possible this year. Two options are open for us. A come and collect tray similar to the breakfast take-away or well distanced tables under the pergola near the fountain continuing what we put in place last year. Being flexible is important to us and to our guests.

Sheets and laundry:

All the mattress and pillow protection slips are taken off at each departure. We have always done this even for one-night stays so nothing really new here . The sheets, bathmats and towels are supplied by an industrial laundry, Elis. They disinfect all laundry which is delivered weekly.


We shall continue to supply bath towels for your room but we will no longer be supplying pool towels and will request that you bring your own. Pool towels can be hired if necessary if you forget to bring your own.This worked really well last year and in a way was easier for us too.

Cleaning to rooms:

Used linens and towels never meet with clean. This is normal practise. The room is cleared of its used linens and bins and then gets a good airing and a disinfectant spray is used. After a good couple of hours and only then is the room cleaned and the clean laundry brought in to finish preparing for your arrival. We bought ozone air cleaning machines last year and will continue to use those too.

Baby cots:

We won’t be providing baby cots this year but you can bring your own.


A shower before your dip with soap and a foot bath have become the norm, we were not insistent on this before. We’ll give you a pool lounger for your stay and ask you not to use any others.


The inside bar will be open again this year and the seating area too, cleaned regularly with a coffee machine on the bar too. Access to the wine cellar and mini shop for wines, soft drinks and other goodies such as the home made jams, local lavender honey and olive oil. An automatic gel distributer is at the entrance to the bar, masks and a gel are required to enter the bar.

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